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Please read through the terms and conditions before booking your appointment. It is also advised to read through the aftercare instructions below to determine the best time to book. If you are planning a vacation or any other activity that may interfere with healing within two weeks leading up to your appointment please be advised its best wait until after your return to ensure optimal healing. 


If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss options that will best suit you. Alternatively you can also book a free consultation.

Terms &


If you are unsure about how long to book for please contact me for a quote or preferably book a free consultation. Please be aware that quotes can be hard to determine based on different sized bodies. For example, a short slender woman will have different sized arms to a tall muscular man, thus a tattoo would likely be twice the size. Design complexities and level of detail will also impact cost. Colour tattoos also generally take longer than black and grey. Lastly, how well each individual person is able to sit, how much they move around, breaks needed and their pain tolerance will also impact how long and ultimately how much it will cost. These considerations make it difficult to determine a one size fits all approach to quoting, however, I will give you the most realistic price range based on my experience and expertise. 


IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have allocated enough time for your appointment. I can not guarantee your session will be finished by a certain time. If you need to cut the session short for other engagements and we have not discussed this several days prior to your appointment minimum charge rates apply (see bellow). Exceptions will made for instances where excessive bleeding and other unavoidable constraints occur. 


Your balance will be calculated based on the number of hours your tattoo takes on the day, your deposit will be deducted from this amount. Please be advised that alterations to the design, drawing and applying the stencil, along with any other applicable preparation required also falls within the billable hours, not just the time the needle is applied to the skin. 


Half day bookings are required for any session 4 hours or less. Full-day appointments are required for sittings between 4-7 hours. If your design takes less than 8 hours you will be charged $180 per hour. $700 is the fee for a half day sitting (4hrs). $1,200 is the maximum fee for a full 7 hour sitting. Please be aware that time may go over 7 hours. In this instance you will still only be charged the maximum day rate of $1,200.  

Minimum charges

If you decided to cut your appointment short for any reason the following minimum charges apply unless discussed prior to appointment.

$200 for under 1 hour

$350 for half day bookings 

$600 for full day bookings 


Bookings require a deposit of $200 to secure your appointment.  Deposits are non refundable or transferable and 48hrs notice must be given for any changes to your appointment date or time otherwise your deposit will be forfeit. 

Cover ups

Whilst many people would be surprised at what can be achieved with a coverup tattoo please be realistic with your expectations. You simply can not cover a big thick solid black tattoo with a wispy fine line design. I'm clever, not magic. Please let common sense prevail. Please also be aware that cover ups can sometimes need two, even three passes over the old tattoo to ensure it is completely covered. Please advise me if you have had any laser tattoo removal over the area. It is not unusual for laser tattoo removal to continue to break up the ink in the skin six months to one year after your laser session. Therefore it is imperative that you allow enough time before attempting to tattoo the area to ensure it heals correctly. Failure to do so can cause the ink to fall out during the healing process resulting in a patchy tattoo. 


If you have a design in mind thats great! I love a good starting point. But please be aware that I will not directly copy another artists tattoos or designs. If you have lots of ideas and need to narrow it down or have no idea where to start with your design, the best place to start is to book a consultation. I'll ask you lots of questions about yourself and your interests to help find the perfect design for you. My best work is on clients that give me some creative licence to do what I do best so being flexible is always advantageous. 


Any marvel, bmx or car related designs will get a cheeky discount! 

Duty of Care

Please make sure you follow the aftercare instructions given. I can not be held responsible for the way a tattoo heals if your specific instructions are not accurately followed. Failure to do so can cause infection or poor healing quality. Freshly tattooed skin is an open wound not dissimilar to grazed or burnt skin. Please treat it as such and be careful exposing it to dirt and dust during the first week. 

Terms & Conditons


Second skin

Often I will cover your tattoo with a protective film. This is a medical film that was initially created for burns. It is very normal for a pocket of plasma to form between your skin and the film. This is your bodies natural healing process and the optimal aftercare method. Occasionally some people can have a reaction to the glue used on this film, which will feel like a red itchy rash under or around the edges of the film. If this occurs remove film and follow instructions bellow.


Please listen to the specific advice given to you about your tattoo as placement, size and application may influence healing advice. Two to three hours after being tattooed remove bandage and gently clean the tattooed area with warm running water and mild soap (preferably antibacterial). Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Do not reapply the bandage.

Creams & Ointments 

Once the tattoo has been cleaned apply the tattoo balm. Only use recommended creams for healing but do not over use. Please avoid petroleum based creams and antiseptic bepanthem. When you feel the skin is drying out apply recommended cream and massage in well using freshly cleaned hands. Repeat as necessary to keep the area slightly moist. Generally, two to three times a day is enough.

Do's & Donts 

DO NOT wear tight or dirty clothing over the tattooed skin where avoidable unless advised otherwise.

DO NOT rub, pick or scratch a new tattoo as this will slow healing time and may cause secondary infections.

DO NOT swim in chlorinated or salt water until healed. Soaking a new tattoo in any type of water will degrade the newly formed skin, prolonging healing time and most likely damaging your tattoo.

DO NOT sunbathe, use tanning beds or apply fake tan while your tattoo is healing.

DO ensure you contact me if you are have any concerns or problems with the healing process or if the tattooed area becomes excessively irritated, itchy, red or sore. Please be aware this can some times occur if you have skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Occasionally some people may have reactions to pigments within specific ink colours. For example, reactions to red pigments are the most common.

Touch ups

One complimentary touch up is included with your tattoo should you need one within three months of your initial tattoo appointment.

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